Aeronite Technologies is a software company operating in the aviation industry, conducting research and development work. Aeronite is an innovative IT solution for the aviation industry improving safety, reducing maintenance time and cost.
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About the project

Aeronite Technologies Sp. z o.o.
Brand Naming, Visual identity

Brand Name

The name "Aeronite" is a fusion of two words: "Aero," representing the aviation industry, and "Unite," reflecting the goal of bringing together aviation organizations within a unified ecosystem.

Logo Concept

The Aeronite logo features a symbol of the element of air. This is depicted as a triangle with a line cutting through the upper third, and angled giving it a dynamic appearance. The triangle also serves as a monogram for the name "Aeronite."

To enhance the sense of security, the triangle is enclosed within a square with rounded corners, making the overall design more friendly and approachable.

Hand drawn explanation of the Aeronite logo.

Typeface and Design

The name "Aeronite" is presented in a sans-serif typeface, which is modern and suitable for a technology company. The text is oblique to convey dynamism. Additionally, each letter has a small triangle on its upper left edge, symbolizing speed.

Hand drawn explanation of the Aeronite logotype typograhy.

Color Choice

The logo is colored in magenta, a hue symbolizing universal harmony and emotional balance. Magenta contains the passion, power, and energy of red, tempered by the introspection and quiet energy of violet. This color promotes compassion, kindness, and cooperation. It also embodies cheerfulness, happiness, contentment, and appreciation.


The Aeronite logo successfully combines elements of air and unity, with a design that is dynamic, friendly, and secure. The modern typeface and thoughtful design elements make it ideal for a technology-driven aviation company. The magenta color further enhances the logo by adding emotional depth and promoting a sense of harmony and cooperation.

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Aeronite primary logotype on a light background.
Aeronite primary logotype on a dark background.
Aeronite app login screen on a MacBook Pro.
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